Fire Suppression System Warranty

Purchasing a commercial vehicle with an automatic fire detection and suppression system (AFSS) brings peace of mind knowing that you’re protected in the event the engine compartment or battery box on your vehicle catches fire. An operational AFSS can save thousands of dollars in damage, not to mention millions in lawsuits in the tragic event of a passenger’s death. Typically, fire suppression systems are installed by the vehicle manufacturer. As all vehicle owners know, installations of sensitive equipment systems like this aren’t always perfect.

Thermal Protection Services is the exclusive provider of warranty services and parts for Fire Suppression, Fire Detection, and Gas Detection vehicles systems in North America. Our parts department stocks all Kidde Technologies fire suppression parts in support of transit, paratransit and highway coach customers using this product.

In addition to supplying warranty parts, TPS is a certified warranty service provider. Our technicians are factory trained and certified to troubleshoot and repair every type of AFSS on any passenger transportation vehicle. TPS warranty technicians travel across the United States and Canada to provide support to customers.

Our number one priority is making sure your fleet’s automatic fire detection and suppression system is properly running and protecting you from potential fire-related service hazards.

Fast Warranty Processing

Warranty claim procedures can often be confusing and result in lost claims. As a certified warranty claim and service provider, TPS can walk you through the process to make sure you are able to get the parts and service you need for your fire suppression system. Our parts department is staffed Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm PST to answer customer calls and fulfill warranty part orders quickly. Furthermore, if our service technicians perform warranty work at your facility, they can handle your claim from start to finish.

​As with all part warranty programs, if you or your technicians have worked on a system still under warranty, there is no guarantee that the parts claimed will be replaced as part of a warranty claim. We are more than happy to test your parts and check for warranty status, and where applicable issue reimbursements. TPS is certified to perform fire suppression warranty repairs in the field and has full parts testing capabilities at our warehouse.

Making a Warranty Claim

If you believe you have a Kidde Technologies fire suppression system that should be covered under warranty, you must initiate a claim with Kidde Technologies first. Once the manufacturer directs us to perform work on your system, we can proceed through the entire warranty process. Although TPS performs warranty repairs and parts exchanges, we do not possess the authority to approve work on a warranty basis. Kidde Technologies reserves the right to approve or deny all warranty claims on their fire suppression systems.

​Factors determining warrantability may include: adherence to preventative maintenance inspection schedules, appropriate system usage, whether or not the system contains genuine Kidde fire suppression system parts, or any other condition present deemed to preserve or void any product warranty. If you are unsure whether your fire suppression system is under warranty, please contact the vehicle manufacturer.