Thermal Protection Services

Fire Safety Protection for Your Commercial Fleet

Protecting your passengers and equipment is a top priority. From genuine Kidde Technologies fire suppression system parts, to factory trained technical support and onsite fire suppressions system service, Thermal Protection Services is proud to be the only authorized Kidde Technologies Commercial Ground Vehicle dealer in North America.

Maintaining the automatic fire detection and suppression system on your fleet can be challenging. New technologies present the question as to whether maintenance organizations must either hire contractors with special skills, spend already strained resources on technician training, or run a fleet that is not properly maintained and thus at risk of catastrophic fire.

Automatic fire suppression and gas detection systems are highly specialized safety equipment. As such, it is essential that proper maintenance and regular inspections are performed in order to keep systems functional, while providing the maximum amount of protection at every moment of vehicle operation. If you need assistance with your system, contact us now.