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Fire Suppression System Field Service

Maintaining  specialized systems like automatic fire detection and suppression can be a challenge. Even worse, under-maintained or inoperable fire suppression systems can lead to increased liability for transportation providers. Although some of these systems appear to use regular wiring and controllers, they are highly specialized with various sensors and other equipment used to detect fire through light and heat, or gas through the detection of hydrocarbons.

Thermal Protection Services is the only authorized provider of service on Kidde Technologies fire suppression systems in North America. We respond to field service calls for transit and over the road coach operations using AFSS and Gas Leak Detection systems. TPS technicians are factory trained by the manufacturer and travel all over the United States and Canada performing service on all types of fire suppression systems and gas leak detection systems.

Whether you have no idea the status of your fire suppression program, or you have a fleet without any fire suppression issues, our field service technicians are trained by the manufacturer and can provide you with the best fire suppression system service in North America.

Initiating a Service Call

Service calls are initiated by contacting our office either by email or phone. One of our customer service representatives will take down your information and our service manager will call you back as soon as possible. During your call, the service manager will want to know what vehicles are in your fleet, what type of fire suppression system(s) are installed, and what system issues you are looking to have resolved. Once your scheduled service is made, we will send a confirmation email. Field service appointments do require a deposit in order to hold a date. Once our technician arrives onsite, your deposit will be applied to your final invoice. 

Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance is required for keeping your fire suppression and gas detection systems in working order. TPS is a certified provider of scheduled maintenance on AFSS. Certain fire suppression equipment is required to be serviced and tested on a regular basis. Our technicians are factory trained to perform all different types of services the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) recommends.

If you are unsure of your scheduled maintenance needs, our service manager may be able to help. Because fire suppression bottles are stamped with their manufacture date, the TPS service manager can tell you if your fleet is due for service. TPS also provides bottle replacement service reminders and other maintenance notifications free of charge. Please contact us to begin receiving this complimentary service.


Thermal Protection Services will provide all customers an estimated cost of services prior to commencing any kind of repair or service on your fleet. Unlike a quote, an estimate is an estimated cost of repair. While we prefer to present final invoices that are equal to or below the estimate, there are times when service must go beyond the estimated total in order to properly complete the job. Most estimates will also include an amount for parts that we believe will be required to fix the issue that you have contacted us about. In any event, our field service technician will seek approval if it is believed that the final invoice will exceed the estimate.

Technical Service Hotline

If you are in a pinch and we are unable to make it out to your project quickly, Thermal Protection Services offers 24-hour technical support via our hotline. Ask us anything the system In your highway coaches, transit buses, school buses, and paratransit vehicles in the United States and Canada. Operating 24 hours-per-day, our hotline is meant to provide critical technical support for emergencies and after-hours when many vehicle maintenance activities occurs.